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Vietnam bans HIV carriers from certain jobs

HANOI - Vietnam has banned people who have HIV, which can lead to AIDS, from taking jobs such as hotel workers and kindergarten teachers, the Labour Ministry said on Monday.
A Labour Ministry official said people with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) would also be prohibited from working in restaurants, health care centres, vaccine production, cosmetic surgery and beauty salons.

He said the measure only applied to Vietnamese nationals and that people currently working in those sectors would not have to undergo compulsory testing. However, the official said people working in the medical services industry were already required to have regular health check-ups every six or 12 months that normally included an AIDS test.
Any medical workers found to have HIV would be transferred to jobs that had less contact with people, he told Reuters.

``These rules mainly apply to those who have already been found with HIV. They should not be employed in jobs that might affect the community,'' he said, without giving more details. It was unclear if workers seeking jobs in the stated sectors would have to have an AIDS test before being hired.

The official Thanh Nien (Young People) newspaper on Monday said the number of people in Vietnam infected with HIV had recently hit 16,149, of whom more than 2,900 had contracted AIDS. Of this number, 1,509 had died, it added.
In recent years the detection of HIV and AIDS in communist-ruled Vietnam has risen sharply, although foreign health workers believe the incidence of HIV infection is much higher than the official figures.

Vietnam, with a population of 79 million, has a thriving prostitution industry and a growing drug-use problem.

Reuters - October 25, 1999.