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Hanoi to temporarily ground planes Dec 31 due Y2K

HANOI - National carrier Vietnam Airlines will ground all flights just before the start of the year 2000 to ensure there are no complications from the millennium bug, official media reported on Tuesday. The Vietnam News daily said flights would be allowed to take off after the new year had begun.

An official at Vietnam Airlines said he could not give details of flights likely to be affected because the carrier had yet to work out the schedule for that period. He gave no more details.
The carrier operates a small fleet by world standards.

Vietnam Airlines has spent $2 million to make the company's computers millennium compliant, official media has reported.
Some computer systems are expected to default or malfunction when the year 2000 becomes a reality since they were programmed to read only the last two digits of a date, rendering the double ``00'' in 2000 as 1900.

Hanoi has already said the year 2000 computer bug problem posed a danger to key sectors such as national defence and aviation but that the overall impact should not be too great.
Earlier this year the government said $50 million would be needed to make systems millennium-compliant in a country where computer use is not widespread.

Reuters - June 21, 1999.